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Guido M. Adler President and CEO

Guido M. Adler was born in Havana, Cuba and is the Founder and President of Suram Trading Corporation. 

Mr. Adler is a Finance graduate of the University of Florida. He spent four years working closely with Dr. Robert Cade, inventor of Gatorade®.  He then became a successful deal-closer for Cargill in the Latin America sugar industry, principally in Brazil.


In the seafood industry, Mr. Adler was the first Chairman of Ethics for the National Fisheries Institute. He has traveled the globe to cultivate direct contact with the best producers of the finest seafood available in the world. Consequently, he has great respect for honesty, innovation, and passion. Mr. Adler is also fluent in English, 
Spanish, and Portuguese.


Mr. Adler is an avid fan of golf and the University of Florida Gator Nation. His future goals include the creation of The Adler 555 Foundation, a charitable organization with worldwide humanitarian goals.

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